Death At the Distillery
Death At the Distillery
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Death At the Distillery

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In the quiet Scottish Island of Islayabout nothing ever happens. Life goes on, much as it has for countless years, springtime, tourist season, harvest, Hogmanay, Burns Night. Island life is tranquil and the islanders peaceable. At least they all thought they were.

This afternoon the whisky baron of Glen Frick Whisky distillery, Toby Mory, was found in a vat full of his finest Malt! And he wasn’t treading water while he sampled the latest batch – oh no! He was dead – murdered no less!

Not only has the news of his death rocked the island, but it now appears one of the more colourful local residents could be the person responsible for Toby Mory’s untimely demise.

The question is: Which one is it?



Blast McGrouse – Gamekeeper. (Male)
In well-worn deerstalker hat and scruffy tweed jacket, Blast McGrouse is lucky never to have been shot himself, he blends so well into the heather.

Sandy Beaches – Ferry director. (Gender Neutral)
As director of the ferry company that runs to and from the Far Outer Hebrides, Sandy always wears a smart business suit.

Ben Nevis – A key member of the Mountain Rescue Team. (Male)
In thermals and waterproof gear, Ben Nevis is never without his crampons, walking stick and faithful rope.

Iona Fiddle – Tour boat operator. (Female)
With binoculars, baseball cap and “Loch Mess Monster Tours” emblazoned across her clothing, Iona Fiddle would be easy to pick out in a crowd.

Kyle Lochalsh – Jazz artist. (Gender Neutral)
With or without his saxophone, Kyle Lochalsh is the cool cat of jazz, dressing totally in black.

Paula Nother – Barmaid.(Female)
With a short skirt, high heels, fishnet tights and a low-cut top to show off all her assets, Paula works hard to please all her regular punters.

8 PLAYERS (6 above + first 2 below)  10 PLAYERS (6 above + 4 below)

Duncan McDonut – Policeman. (Male)
In or bursting out of his uniform, Duncan likes doing stake outs the best, especially if he’s managed to stop off at the bakers on the way.

Kate Nessglass – Local gift shop owner.(Female)
In ethnic clothing and smelling of incense, Kate is a little like the gifts she sells in her shop: interesting, but quite useless.

Ian McSlurry – Sewage worker. (Male)

As number one in the number two business, Ian McSlurry is never far from his oilskins and trusty wrenches.

Eileen Donner – Runs the local kebab shop.(Female)
With apron and fish slice ever to hand, Eileen is always ready to make really fast food.