Murder on the Disorientated Express
Murder on the Disorientated Express
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Murder on the Disorientated Express

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The Disorientated Express, probably one of the most luxurious trains in the world, is always fully booked. Even now, in 1938, with war looming menacingly on the horizon, her luxury Pullman coaches are packed with traveling rich and famous making their way from Istanbul to Constantinople.

The train has excelled in reliability and punctuality over the years, but today all that is about to change. A famous rocket designer known as Werner Von Black, has been discovered in his sleeping compartment – dead.

The only question is: who killed him?



Drew Rorschachblots – Austrian psychoanalyst. (Gender Neutral)
With a calm voice and wonderful bedside manner, Drew can be rather intrusive and has a tendency to focus on your dreams and childhood.

Heidi Evidence – Swiss bank clerk. ( Female)
A wonderfully beguiling lady with pigtails, freckles and innocent expression. She is often seen in either her smart banking suit or her Swiss national dress.

Ivan Ego – Russian inventor. (Male)
Pessimistic and pragmatic, Ivan is reliable and built to last, even if he does run on vodka!

Andy Wheppon – Travelling salesperson. (Gender Neutral)
Somewhat secretive and never far from a suitcase of goods, Andy is often found sporting dark glasses and a trench coat.

Herr Cutt – German barber. (Male)
Never without his trusty pair of scissors, Herr Cutt is round but well turned out, with a pencil moustache and slicked hair.

Kiki De’Leggs – French cancan dancer. (Female)
Always dressed to show off her fabulous legs, Kiki is always ra-ra-ready for anything

Ed Lines – New York Times reporter. (Male)
In scruffy jacket and trousers, Ed is always at the front of any action with his notebook and pen to the ready.

Lida Hosen – Lingerie shop owner. (Female)
Despite being an underwear retailer, Lida is always very conservatively dressed. She never wears her products, but always has a case of examples to hand.

 10 PLAYERS (8 above + 2 below)

Jean Paul Gauteebeard – French fashion designer. (Male)
With weird taste in clothing and gauche apparel, Jean Paul Gauteebeard is at the height of fashion – at least he thinks he is!

Maria Vontrapped – Singer.(Female)
Laden down with warm, woollen mittens and brown paper packages tied up with string, Maria is a bit of a shopaholic. Her favourite things take up a great deal of space.